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This led to some really very good videogames. It's a game that does its job well and offers something that younger players and parents can join in with. Junior Gamer Mobigo Mater's Tall Tales Wii lacks the open world of Cars, Mater-National or Race-o-rama, but its four player mini-games mean that the whole family can play at the same time.

Mater's stories are so outrageous that no one believes him, but the players are given some room to wonder if he might be telling the truth. Cars Wii was released alongside the film and offers an open world driving adventure. My kids spent as much time creating their own character as they did playing the main game - wheels, tires, paint and so on.

Cars Toons, is an extension of the Pixar Cars film. The parents' guide to what's in this game. While my older kids are still finishing off Race-o-rama, and addicted to collecting every last lightning bolt, they were happy enough to spend some time playing Mater's Tall Tales.

Support Andy, click to buy via us But his tales always have a positive message unto themselves and cast the players in heroic roles. Now, with the release of Mater's Tall Tales DVD, there is a new Cars game on the Wii, but this time it's a collection of small challenges rather than one big game.

The Wii game is based around the different imaginary personas that Mater dreams up for himself in the DVD: The games themselves feature some moments of danger that might be too intense for very young children, but on the whole they are quite kid-friendly.

Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales (WII) Game - Wii Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales (WII)

Mater-National Wii followed this up with improved and expanded cast and environments, although not adding a lot a genuine variety. As you work through these you win points that can be spent customising your car. After playing this on the Wii, he also discovered Mater's Tall Tales MobiGo which was even more of a success for him as he could play that all on his own.

Being a MobiGo game, it's also got an education edge to it, which the Wii version is lacking.