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Cinema, he said, can give these "ways" back to you and that it must, with courage, and honest, always starting from the real.

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What does your health mean? Referring to his previous film Stalker to better explain, he describes the Zone as: Highlight text to annotate it X What ancestor speaks in me? In the film when you see it, it is a forest, a river. We must go back to where we were.

It's the so-called healthy who have brought the world to the verge of ruin. The air is that light thing.

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Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is featured both during Andrei's visit at Domenico's home, and during his demonstration in Rome. But the air that circulates, the light, the rhythms, the perspectives, without distorting anything, make you feel it as an "other" place, with various dimensions, always real and, at the same time, different.

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Style[ edit ] Similarly to Tarkovsky's previous films, Nostalghia utilizes long takes, dream sequences, and minimal story. Great things end small things endure.

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A sky, he said, is always simply just that, but a change in the hour of the day, the wind, climate, can have it speak to you in a different way, with love, violence, longing, fear, etc. Of his use of dream sequences, to the question asked by Gian Luigi Rondi: What kind of world is this.

It is today one of Tarkovsky's lesser-known works.

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The eyes of all mankind are looking at the pit into which we are plunging. In you, water, fire and then ashes.

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