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Nraas woohooer polyamorous dating, erhalten sie personalisierte werbung von partnern unseres vertrauens


Using the ReputationEvent to hook changes to reputation? Romantic social interactions excluding Woohoo will now only affect sims in the same room Woohoo jealousy now affects only those sims which satisfy the following conditions: Option for skinny dippers to stay naked after having clothes stolen by pranksters Sims with high Renown should receive cheers or jeers from sims in the vicinity reaction broadcaster Option to add Moodlet to pregnant teen sims that broadcasts a negative reaction amongst family and friends Should woohoo interactions pushed on the target not force UserDirected priority?

At least your Sim's multiple spouses will all officially be listed as its wives or husbands, complete with little ring symbols under their pictures in the relationship panel. This mod is horribly simple, but if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

So it's worth it to keep checking for updates. Why does the block not work properly? A few small blemishes: Woohoo Interaction Level that dictates visibility based on traits.

Change Active Service sims back into uniforms after woohoo Rewrite the "Risque" description so it is more obvious that it refers to Risky Woohoo Elder autonomous pregnancy. Here is some more Info from the site. A friends with B, B likes but not romantic with C, A steers clear of C Town-Founder- Have at least 25 babies with other partners using risky or try for baby option.

Are not asleep and do not have light sleeper trait lovingly ripped off from DarkPool Are within one floor of the woohoo, if above ground Are on the same floor of the woohoo, if below ground Are not outside, while the woohoo is going on inside Are not inside, while the woohoo is going on outside WARNING Be aware of this issue: