Procurement & Administration Officer Opening at Nyati Sacco Procurement & Administration Officer Opening at Nyati Sacco

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The salary they get paid is fair,the working conditions are human and beside that we serve lunch in workshop, we gave them bonus, and 13th salary when Ied. Natural dyes add natural beauty to our leather, revive an art and skill used in the past, offer an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic dyes and do not cause allergies for the production workers.

The exclusive tanning process of this leather takes several weeks in order to obtain the authentic look. After this, the use of different polishes and oils guarantee a variety in colours and hand feel.

Other Companies that have partnered with Nyati Sacco for membership include: During the tanning process special barks and juices of trees are given to the leather skins. Each bag is, because of these elements, an individual piece of craft. The members have accumulated savings of more than 1.

Nyati Sacco Society Ltd

InNyati Sacco was licensed to conduct deposit taking business under the Sacco Society Act of Health insurance and saving for pension. All our workers in the tannery are totally legal.

We only work with sustainable partners and the best local tannery around our factory.