Xtender Public Sector Tenders and Contract Notices Xtender Public Sector Tenders and Contract Notices

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Criteria for rejection legal, financial or technical unsuitability. To make sure you do not miss any vital information regarding public contracts, contact us today and find out about our Tender Alerts Service.

Many subscribers choose to receive a single report each week instead of being bombarded each day with updates. Xtender publishes OJEC notices and so provides a comprehensive single source for all public sector tenders.

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See full history OJEU procurement procedures The European Union Procurement Directives establish public procurement rules throughout the European Union and apply to any public purchases above the defined thresholds. These cover UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Ideally, contracts for goods or services that might arise during the course of the project and could be subject to the OJEU procurement rules should be advertised at the outset of the project or soon as possible afterwards. Short-listed candidates are invited to take part in a dialogue process during which the nature of the project may be discussed and possible solutions may be developed.

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In addition, due to changing Corporation requirements, there is no guarantee that these procurements will go ahead at all or that the proposed method of procurement listed will not change as they are currently in planning stage.

PINs Periodic Information Notices These are prior notifications of requests for tenders, they may or may not include details of a qualification system. Even if you are already supplying one part of the public sector, it is worth looking for opportunities in other areas.

In Januarynew rules were agreed by the European Parliament that will: However small your business, there are always opportunities to enter this market.

How does Xtender do this?

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What does an Xtender subscription offer? Why choose our reporting services? We are able to provide information for all of Europe. Get better results than online solutions from our unique reporting tools.

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