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Those who go to a doctor typically do not know exact medical reasons of why they are there, which is why they go to a doctor in the first place.

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And, I'm sorry, but I disagree completely that you haven't done anything to encourage him. Later in the episode, Jack is told by his father to put more hope into his sayings, which he does when operating on his future wife.

However, this is an extension of his normal personality. Cox is an interesting subversion, in that his manner is brash and undiplomatic while still inspiring patients to do their own best to aid in the healing process, akin to a drill sergeant. Additionally, having a clear perception of these disparities can go a long way to helping the patient in the future treatment.

Dr Dubrow warned Tahnee that further surgery would not improve the situation, and would actually leave her nipples pointing in the wrong direction.

The plastic surgeon, who divorced from his ex-wife Adrienne Maloof intold her he was very flattered, but turned down her offer. A good bedside manner is typically one that reassures and comforts the patient while remaining honest about a diagnosis.

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A question that comes to mind considering this is if interruptions hinder or improve the condition of the patient. The signal we give off is important.

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We do have control over that. After Dr Dubrow convinced her a third operation was not the right option, Tahnee threw caution to the wind and asked Dr Nassif if he really would take her out on a date. This is extremely important to take note of as it is something that can be addressed in quite a simple manner.

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Bedside manner becomes difficult when a healthcare professional must explain an unfavorable diagnosis to the patient, while keeping the patient from being alarmed.

Rita Charon launched the narrative medicine movement in with an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. I think seeing a therapist is a great move, but personally, I would recommend finding a different one, as I find his advice very irresponsible and unethical.

You are in complete control of what happens next.