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The pin takes much of the weight of the appendage and takes the strain off the superglue. Those that don't, should.


It's normally possible to line them up by eye but at times you may want more precision usually on very wide surfaces. The glue fills even better than thick super glue, so it also has that going for it. Although it's particularly important when working with large metal models, even human sized figures may require it on occasion.

I have found that the thick consistency "crazy glue" works the best. Cup your free hand around the clippers as you do so to stop the bit you cut off flying across the room.

Most War games fantasy like you to rank your troops up into units and use movement trays, normally specifying a square base so troops and units fit tightly into a movement tray.

Lay this onto the clay sheet and press it down enough to get the texture to imprint into the clay. A blog about gaming, sculpting, and painting. A pin vice or vise to our American cousins is a simply a small hand drill.

Eventually the bases take on a permanent bend and wont grip the miniature as well this takes a lot of use. First up print and cut out a standard One Monk base of the required size and score along the indicated score lines. IF you expect to be working with metal miniatures frequently then they're a good investment.

These bases that I have made are ready for some sand on the uncovered area of base, maybe some bits for detail, maybe some static grass, and some paint once there is a miniature attached. From Games Workshop's "Slottabases" to more creative bases sold separately, you've got a lot from which to choose.

Should I pin the Antelope's hoove s to the base? After it has been in the freezer for a period of time, pull it out. Spread this around, without pressing too hard and get rid of any excess sand. It also gives the illusion of flat basing which I prefer with my miniatures.