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Now, we have to build a better female. It's free, enormous, and mainstream; the reason it works as a poly dating site is because it's very customizable for subgroups and special interests — if you know how. Jonathan Ben-Menachem is one of those people. In some ways, this is what poly users have wanted from OkCupid.

And I have a big dick, actually a very big dick, and I'm a male. So it's a real, real disaster.

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We have females that are disrespectful, we have females that are masculine. What are your most obvious personality traits? It is so terrible. Do you know if this will be available via Android? And they have to do it fast and not just talk about it. It doesn't need to be 6 items.

In addition to relationship status single, seeing someone, married, in an open relationshipwe allow users to set a relationship type monogamous, non-monogamous — both relationship status and type are searchable on Browse Matches.

Because they let the females get away with absolute murder. These are seriously complicated [math] problems for them.

The next thing you need is to make your profile poly-specific in profile content and match questions, and then politely extra points for also being lucid, engaging and positive message people [who show both] poly profile cues and high match percentages.