Austria welcomes Putin but rebuffs his call for sanctions to be lifted | Reuters Austria welcomes Putin but rebuffs his call for sanctions to be lifted | Reuters

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To his dismay, he was rebuffed by the town's Parliamentary governor, Sir John Hotham, who refused him Start the Rebuff article Times, Sunday Times Previously he had rebuffed suggestions that he wanted to succeed Mr Cameron.

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The New York Times. The EU, Russia's biggest economic partner and energy customer, adopted a three-stage plan to try to force a negotiated solution but stopped short of immediate sanctions. Macron said he believes he can work with Russia on Syria and that he wants to forge a reinforced partnership against ISIS Speaking to journalists at the Versailles Palace, Macron went on to say the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a 'red line' for France The two leaders held a meeting pictured before the opening of an exhibition marking years of diplomatic ties between the two countries, in Versailles, near Paris Macron said he also spoke to Putin about LGBT rights in Chechnya and about NGOs in Russia But he went on to say the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a 'red line' for France.

Despite the Kremlin's tough words, demonstrators who have remained encamped in Kiev's central Independence Square to defend the revolution that ousted Yanukovich said they did not believe Crimea would be allowed to secede. Sudden check; unexpected repulse; defeat; refusal; repellence; rejection of solicitation.

Promises of billions of dollars in Western aid for the Kiev government, and the perception that Russian troops are not likely to go beyond Crimea into other parts of Ukraine, have helped reverse a rout in the local hryvnia currency.

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The streets largely belong to people who support Moscow's rule, some of whom have become increasingly aggressive in the past week, harassing journalists and occasional pro-Kiev protesters. Senior Ukrainian opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko, freed from prison after Yanukovich's ouster, met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dublin and appealed for immediate EU sanctions against Russia, warning that Crimea might otherwise slide into a guerrilla war.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry responded angrily on Friday, calling the EU decision to freeze talks on visa-free travel and on a broad new pact governing Russia-EU ties "extremely unconstructive".

The line entered the national consciousness of the United Repercussion, or beating back; a quick and sudden resistance.


For over 20 years he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organizations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent.

After an hour-long telephone call, Putin said in a statement that Moscow and Washington were still far apart on the situation in the former Soviet republic, where he said the new authorities had taken "absolutely illegitimate decisions on the eastern, southeastern and Crimea regions.

The United Nations said it had sent its assistant secretary-general for human rights, Ivan Simonovic, to Kiev to conduct a preliminary humans rights assessment.

Macron said he wants a democratic transition in Syria, but not at the cost of the war-torn country becoming a failed state.

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Obama announced the first sanctions against Russia on Thursday since the start of the crisis, ordering visa bans and asset freezes against so far unidentified people deemed responsible for threatening Ukraine's sovereignty.