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He was a member of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets during his teen years. Mercer made international headlines in when he pulled a Talking to Americans stunt on then-presidential candidate George W.

Mercer's tightly scripted and performed two-minute "rants", in which he would speak directly to the camera about a current political issue, shot in a style similar to those Denis Leary used in MTV commercials, quickly became the show's signature segment.

The Paperback Book, was published by Anchor Canada on September 16, and immediately entered the top ten of the Globe and Mail bestseller list. Mercer has narrated an animated science video on climate change for Science North in Sudbury. The show was a fast-paced situation comedy which self-referentially satirized the Canadian TV production industry, often drawing from details of its own production companies and including thinly veiled parodies of contemporary programs.

At the end of its second season, Monday Report was the highest rated arts and entertainment show on the CBC. It was rumoured that he had decided to leave because of friction between Mercer and co-star Mary Walsh [ citation needed ], although other reasons include focusing on his other television show, Made in Canada.

Mercer's partner since is television producer Gerald Lunz.

Rick Mercer

The Book, called Rick Mercer Report: Gore did not question Mercer's incorrect identification of the capital of Canada. John's before completing his diploma requirements. In the same US election campaign, Mercer asked Democratic candidate Al Gore to promise to visit the "Canadian capital city" of Toronto after his election.

One famous example saw Mercer asking Americans' opinion on whether Canada should change its "20 Hour Clock" to the hour one used by the United States. This was Mercer's first book since his bestselling Streeters ofand contained a collection of the best of Mercer's "rants" from the first four seasons of Rick Mercer Report, together with choice moments from interviews for the program and other writings by Mercer.

Although the romantic relationship came first, Lunz is also Mercer's long-time partner in business, who discovered him, fostered his career, and is currently the executive producer of The Rick Mercer Report.

Talking to Americans One of Mercer's trademark comedy routines on 22 Minutes was Talking to Americansin which he would travel to a major American city or institution and conduct on-the-street interviews with average Americans regarding Canadian politics, the weather, etc.

In he published his second book, Rick Mercer Report: