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The rapper had surprisingly coherent English, but seemed rather odd between her full vocals. Like a fool, I spend the day laughing while thinking of you, Just like this, we promise to stay like this forever it's okay, I'll understand, it's okay If I only have you, I'm okay If you'll stay beside me, I love you, I'll always stay by your side, it's okay, it's okay Look only at you, If I only have you, it's okay It's okay In his article, he mentioned how female soloists have returned vice online dating video cats power in K-pop, appearing more often and enjoying a positive reception from the Korean public.

The absence of an increasing tempo or scale caused the song to lack desired emotion. I never believed in destiny of love but, I know now, that it's you My one and only love.

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I must've love you too much, The truth is I must love you, It's so hard to fall asleep, I love everything about you. I may act blunt, but you're the light which changed my heart, Even when we're far apart, I will find you because I'm your star.

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Recently, Hwayobi has released her newest mini-album, I Am. Whereas the beginning had a short intro on the xylophone, the ending came to a sudden end. One minute one second, everytime I think of you, even if I don't tell you sometimes, Our relationship which started like a joke, is now my everything.

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If you say you'll be beside me, If you say you'll always hold my hands, I love you, is all I can tell you, But I won't ever let go of the happiness I hold. I will win any difficulties, there is no sadness nor seperation.

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If this is what love is, then I am happy, If this is what love is, then everything is okay. It was because of you, that I could'nt open my eyes Your appearance was shining more brightly, than a summer sunlight.

My biggest complaint about this song would be how it failed to create a build-up until it was more than half-way through.

Park Hwa Yobi - Bye Bye Bye

In my eyes I can't see anyone but you, It makes me happy when I see you play around cutely, Sometimes you're my cute friend, my lovable wife, You're my baby girl, sweety girl, Forever, forever with you. I never believed in destiny of love but, I know now, that it's you My one and only love, My one and only love Sometimes there are times when I don't believe this I wonder why I can be this happy, being by your side and loving you.

If there is anything wrong, just being someone to cheer you up, I'm okay It's okay, it's okay, I'll understand, it's okay.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, hey yeah, it's okay Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah hey yeah, it's okay Stay beside me, I'll protect you, tightly held your two hands.