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Saitama chainsaw shoujo online dating, what happened?

Fumio's chainsaw rampage was real, however the students she killed were doppelgangers under control of the Transfer Student. The manga depicts Fumio with purple hair.

Fumio, prior to meeting Takumi, whose love and attention was just starting to bring her out of her social shell before he dumped her for the transfer student.

The Class Representative decides to confront the girl waving around a bloodied chainsaw Crushed and confused, she seeks the advice of her only friend Kaoruko Odagiri. Fumio's goal of the series, being killing her seemingly unfaithful boyfriend and then herself.

If anything, Fumio actually wishes she was more foreign, because she wants to stand out. I felt they could have built on that even more and used it to further the plot as it would have made for a very interesting ending.

This in turn implies that Fumio's grandfather and the chainsaw-wielding sheriff from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 are the same person.

She herself acknowledges she has jealousy issues, when she notices she enjoys slashing the girls more.

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Provides the trope picture. And Fumio uses it on everybody. Fumio, if only for extremely unconventional circumstances. Fumio, as she's cutting down what she believes to be Kaoruko, her best and only friend. The story follows Fumio Kirisaki, who is an Ordinary High-School Student in nearly every way - she is not particularly popular, intelligent, or attractive.

But Not Too Foreign: Beware the Nice Ones: Fumio's last name, Kirisaki, comes from kirisaku, meaning "to tear apart".