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It says the exact same message word-for-word, but seems a bit slower-paced than the male version. Last night at around I ended up scraping my foot on the concrete stairs in the emergency stairwell, because I wasn't wearing shoes and tripped.

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Otherwise, enjoy the simulation! That's a good guess.

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I may do a video of it if I get the chance to see it activated. The reason why the alarms were going off was because the main control panel has a few bugs in it currently, and they are trying to work it out. After doing some work on the panel, the technician would activate the nearest pull station by opening itthen let the alarm sound a bit before silencing and resetting the system it has audible silence, so the strobes continue to flash before the system is reset.

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Yep, it's going to be a voice-evac system! This fire alarm system is now on its' way out.

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Do not copy any content on this channel without permission. Anyways, the fire department arrived within minutes, silenced and reset the panel, a Simplex U with all addressable initiation and notification appliances series. They have this at the middle school near my house Simplex U voice-evacuation system.

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It's a real coincidence, too; Massasoit Community College has also switched to Notifier for their alarms they are getting rid of their Faraday systems, but they're non-voice evac. I converted the videos to mp3 files using an online converter, plugged them into iMovie and came up with this simulation.

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The U panel broke, and the school system has had enough with it's problems and the service fees SimplexGrinnell offers sounds like Apple Computer to me! Which video topics interest you? There was no fire, of course.

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I have yet to find out a cause of the alarm, but if I do I'll update later, but I'm guessing either somebody was smoking and tripped a detector or somebody was being stupid and decided to pull the fire alarm.

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