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Directly beneath this "landed" nobility current and former royalty rank the highest awards, the Peerages.

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It comprises most of the Canadian province of Ontario. They also founded its East Kingdom, which was either the first or second auxiliary kingdom. Also, as a triskele the Trimaris symbol was sent into space on a shuttle, Trimaris claims space.

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The treasurer, also known as the Chancellor of the Exchequer from the British officehandles the financial matters of the group. Although they agree to work in unity with the US SCA board of directors, they are autonomous and are not bound by any ruling of the US body.

Society for Creative Anachronism

In charge of maintaining and tracking liability waivers for events. Unlike some other living history groups, most SCA gatherings do not reenact a specific time or place in history, leaving members free to dress as any culture within the SCA's time period.

The Kingdom of Calontir was created in from the Kingdom of the Middle. It encompasses the entirety of Australia and New Zealand, and was granted prior title by the Board of the Society to the Australian administered parts of Antarctica, in contradiction of the later claim put forward by the Kingdom of Trimaris.

Its borders currently encompass the entirety of Alabama ; almost all of Georgia ; all of Middle and East Tennesseeplus a substantial portion of West Tennessee ; a bit of the panhandle of Florida ; and small portion of Kentucky.

The system has evolved since the formation of the society; and now has three Sovereigns of Armswith Principal Heralds for each Kingdom, who oversee deputy officers for matters such as heraldic education and processing registrations, and local officers generally one for each local chapter who assist the local participants.

Each director serves as an ombudsman for various kingdoms and society officers.

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A marshal of a given certification must be present for that particular activity to take place at an event. The defeated combatants were either transported to an alternate reality where medical technology was advanced enough that they could be revived from any wound or transported to the alternate reality that was Valhalla.

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SCA scribes produce illuminated scrolls to be given by SCA royalty as awards for various achievements. Clarke portrays the SCA as still being active in the year Also, as a triskele the Trimaris symbol was sent into space on a shuttle[ citation needed ], Trimaris claims space.

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