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However, Nubes intervened, and rescuing Phrixus and Helle his sister, put them on the ram, and bade them flee as far as they could through the Hellespont Helle fell off and paid the debt to nature, and the Hellespont was named from her name.

He was in great danger, since he saw he had to advance, and an added difficulty was the great scarcity of water. Still others make Cretheus and Athamas with many others, sons of Aeolus; some, again, say that Salmoneus, son of Athamas, was a grandson of Aeolus.

When Liber was ruling over Eygpt and the other lands, and was said to have introduced all arts to mankind, a certain Hammon came from Africa and brought to him a great flock of sheep, in order more readily to enjoy his favour and be called the first inventor of something.

Others, say that three angles were put there because the gods divided the universe into three parts. Euripides in his Melanippe, says that Melanippe, daughter of Chiron the Centaur, was once called Thetis. In joy he led his army to that place, and founded a temple to Jove Hammon, fashioning a statue there with the horns of a ram.

Those, however, who have wished to assign the gift to Liber, as not asked for from Hammon, but brought to him voluntarily, make those horned images for Liber, and say that in commemoration the ram was placed among the constellations. When her time drew near, she fled into the forest, so that her father, who supposed her a virgin, might not see that she had given birth to a grandchild.

Brought up on Mount Helicon, a girl especially fond of hunting, she was wooed by Aeolus, son of Hellen, and grandson of Jove, and conceived a child be him.

Still others think that Sicily is pictured there. Callimachus says that because she ceased hunting and worshipping Diana, Diana changed her into the shape we have mentioned.

Eratosthenes says that the ram itself removed its golden fleece, and gave it Phrixus as a memorial, and then came of its own accord to the stars; for this reason it seems somewhat dim, as we said before.

The image of the ram itself, put among the constellations by Nubes, marks the time of year when grain is sown, because Ino earlier sowed it parched - the chief reason for the flight. And so when her father was looking for her, she is said to have begged the power of the gods not to let her father see her in childbirth.

Hermippus says that at the time when Liber was attacking Africa he came with his army to the place called Ammodes from the great quantities of sand. And so, for his kindness, Liber is thought to have given him the land opposite Egyptian Thebes. Some say that she was a prophetess, and because she used to reveal the plans of the gods to men, she was changed into a mare.