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The Bugis acknowledge three sexes female, male, hermaphroditefour genders women, men, calabai, and calalaiand a fifth meta-gender group, the bissu.

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Transvestite implies cross-dressing, but bissu have their own distinctive clothing. Mariani again began to chant, but this time hir chanting became erratic and frightening.

Rani wears men's clothing and ties hir sarong in the fashion of men. The eerie chant is accompanied on the cylindrical drum called tumba, on cymbals kancingand metal rhythm sticks ana' baccing.

She needed the blessing of the spirits before she set off. To be precise, the Bugis believe that a bissu who appears externally male is internally female, and vice versa. Thanks to Nick Herriman. I was urged to lead in front. Calalai are anatomical females who take on many of the roles and functions expected of men.

They are able to act as mediators between humans and spirits dewata because they are considered neither male nor female, and neither woman nor man, but a mix of all four of these. Rani also lives with hir wife and their adopted child, Erna. Each bissutook their little dagger kris and tried to force it into their throat.

Mariani begins her chant as the sun is setting behind the limestone cliff. A woman I knew named Ibu Qadri wanted to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. However, with the combined efforts of the four bissu, Haji Qadri did make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

This was one of my first bissu ceremonies. Bissu, calalai, and calabai challenge the notion that individuals must conform to one of two genders, woman or man, and that one's anatomy must support one's gender.