Future Story so far: Color’s Uttaran Future Story so far: Color’s Uttaran

Sparsh khanchandani and tina dutta dating, a show that changed several beliefs with its bold and hard-hitting storyline.

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Ichha marries Vansh Rohit Khurana Veer's elder brother, who suffers from drug addictionto save him. He is later revealed to be Avinash's true murderer, not Ichha. We tried contacting Tina and Ajay, but they remained unavailable for comment.

#10YearsOfUttaran: Sparsh Khanchandani remembers the show after a DECADE

But the party will see certain revelations. Ichha and Tapasya's mother-in-law, Gunvanti Beena Banerjee develops aminosity towards Ichha whom she holds responsible for Veer and Tapasya's marriage which she is happy about, for the sake of Tapasya's family's wealth 's falling apart and for Vansh's death.

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According to media reports the show is all set to pull its curtain down on 16 January, ending on a happy note. But Parmeet will not even stop at that, which will result in Meethi -Akash also intervening to control the situation.

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The real Vishnu Ajay Chaudhary a humble blue-collar worker enters Mukta and Meethi's lives to save Meethi and expose Akash and his family, including Surbhi who is revealed to be Akash's maternal cousin and also participating in her family's plot.

Ichha is kind, caring and helpful, while Tapasya is spoilt, selfish and jealous. However, the one who dies is Ichha; fatally hit by a truck, she donates her heart to Tapasya before she passes away.

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Krip Suri to enter Colors' Uttaran Variety is the spice of life and the saying stands true for folks working at daily soaps too. However, the coming episodes will see a twist in the tale when Meethi seeks divorce from him but Vishnu will deny it.

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And if sources are to be believed, both Akash-Meethi and Sankrant -Ambika will get married in the same mandap. Meethi and Akash adopt his daughter, Tamanna, but Rani hates Tamanna and refuses to accept her as her sister. Yes, you heard it right!!

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Thus, now the viewers will witness a sweet and romantic moment between Meethi and Akash in a dance sequence where Rathore will push Meethi towards Akash after which they will have a romantic moment together.

As per the earlier episodes, Meethi has been maintaining a safe distance from Akash because of her grandmother Damini.

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Or is it yet another gameplan, this time to get out of jail? After many twists and turns, Meethi and Akash finally reunite and she gets accepted by her in-laws but her dreams are destroyed after having a miscarriage which leaves her infertile.

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As our readers would remember, Yuvraj, then essayed by actor Saurabh Raj Jain was arrested on the charge of trying to molest Mukta Sreejita De.