Stability of self-consolidating concrete advantages and potential applications.

These tests are suitable for evaluating the stability of SCC.

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Poor compaction led to porous concrete as well as to low compressive strength. The sand gradation shows a stronger effect compared to metakaolin. The VSI ranges from 0 for excellent, 1 acceptable, 2 needs improvement, to 3 unacceptable [ 41 ].

Therefore, the use of limestone powder as filler in SCC could offer cost benefit. The same results observed for concrete containing metakaolin could be observed when zeolite powder was added to the mix.

It is used to facilitate and ensure proper filling and good structural performance of high congested reinforced structural members [ 23 ]. Visual stability indexes VSI were also determined for all the mixtures.

Figure 2 shows the X-ray diffraction XRD pattern of the metakaolin used in this study, showing high amounts of quartz phase.

Their findings are not discussed here as they are beyond the scope of this paper. Silica fume could improve the flow properties of SCC. The goal of this research project was to evaluate the creep, shrinkage, and shear behavior of a chemically-based SCC mix.

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A drop in the concrete level between the beginning and the end of the box was also reported by Corinaldesi and Moriconi [ 46 ] where limestone was used. The same conclusion was also drawn by Lachemi et al. View at Google Scholar B.

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Specific surface and the specific gravity of metakaolin utilized in this study were and 2. SCC containing zeolite powder exhibits a lower compressive strength compared to the mixtures incorporating other powders.

The compressive strength test was conducted at 7 and 35 days when the tensile test was carried out at 28 days.

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The focus of the research presented in the above paragraphs mostly concentrates on the impact of fly ash and limestone powders on the SCC properties as these powders are easily available across the world and therefore they can be cheaply provided.

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