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What Sharon failed to understand is that Ann was a master manipulator, whose intention was for Sharon to get up upset and leave the circle to get her alone like that and pull the scheme she did.

Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis(R.I.P)

Tatyana isn't related at all. MyLifeAsLana Ann basically told Sharon to back off and when she did back off the dumb bitch blames her?? Who are Tatyana Ali parents? Splashof Mirrors Thanks for posting Brand is and Ali made a good couple ayjay36 Wow didn't expect that ending.

Mone Maria Rodriguez-Guzman He was so fine I'm jealous Grace Mukemba he,s sister whas crazy she had woird relation chip whith her brother James Sykes rip he was a great actor, i read this book as a kid n loved it! What is Tatyana Ali doing now? There have been no confirmed reports that Joe dated Aly or AJ.

How long did aly and Joe Jonas date? Oh no, I can actually say "back in the day" now Michigan guy It's funny how no one was a fan before his death now that he has gone to a better place all his "fans" come out To you it may suck, while others it may sound good.

It hasn't been confirmed. People mistake the two as relatives because of the similar last names. Is tatyana ali related to Muhammad ali?