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Fools, James Hook is Neverland! When You Coming Home, Dad? It's possible that it's the same ball, and the window washer was a pirate spy. It's so fast Peter. Their story also takes place in the Victorian or possibly Edwardian era, when infant mortality was high and even wealthy families often lost children to illness.

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Most of the pirates, but especially Hook. Hook, you let those kids out of that net in less than one minute or you better get an attorney and hope to God he's better than me.

I Got The Hook Up (1998)

It's time for Smee. Hook is basically one giant mythology gag to Peter and Wendy.

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While that is an Oh Crap moment of itself - she's feeling powerful Neverland magic that she's not felt for eighty years and it's hit her by surprise; why in god's name would it be back after so long?

Which eventually causes him to relent and fight Hook. You Two Toned, Zebra headed, slime coated Paramecium brain.

Don't you understand this is not a joke, I'm committing suicide! Face Death with Dignity: The pirates playing baseball. All this was some pretty high-quality paranoia fuel for kids at the time, especially whose fathers were named Peter. Wendy's brothers, John and Michael, who were both major characters in the original tale are completely absent here and are not even mentioned until the last third of the film.