So Ji Sub dating: Actor hopes to fall in love this year, rev So Ji Sub dating: Actor hopes to fall in love this year, rev

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As the two work on a new diet regimen together, they end up mending each other's emotional scars and fall in love.

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The series runs from Nov. Actor hopes to fall in love this year, reveals thoughts of getting married Maolen E.

In earlier reports, the actor already revealed that his ideal type would be a woman who is considerate and understands the nature of his work, someone he could converse with and is compassionate.

Advertisement Like Us on Facebook Apart from that, So was then asked about his wishes for this year, where he admitted that he hopes to meet a woman whom he can easily connect with.

Apr 12, The actor also expressed his desire to get married before he gets 40 years old. Meanwhile, So seemingly has a sudden image change in the horror-romantic big hit drama "Master's Sun," from a serious character to a romantic-comedy person with charm.

The actor was interviewed for the February issue of the Korean Star1 magazine, where he discussed his dating life. Check out the highlights of "Oh My Venus" episode 15 below: Nonetheless, the actor expressed his ideal situation of dating, stating that he will date openly when he is thinking of marrying his better half when the time comes.

The talent actor admitted that Shin is a lovable artist, stating that she was discussing things with the rest of the staff and not just with him while working on the drama.