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The second document is a denouncement of slavery by Greenwich, who mobilizes the best tradition of scriptural exegesis to make his case. A reference librarian must maintain a pleasant expression rather than a scowl that is easily read as disapproval of present company.

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The obvious alternative would be denial of access to scholarly literature. Indeed, in larger libraries, there are those who regard a referral as tantamount to an admission of defeat.

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Emotional blocks to reading can be formed by an unsatisfactory relationship with a teacher. One possible result may be the dismissal of reference books, perhaps even libraries, as legitimate sources of information.

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Nevertheless, it is suggested that Marx's disavowal of religion as a force for instituting a universal class was premature. It uses humor rather than witticisms, and self-deprecation rather than deprecation of the professional field.

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Informative abstracts both aid in the assessment of document relevance and selection or rejection. This article critically examines Blaise Cronin's condemnation of social responsibility in librarianship.

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These elite books are distinguished by their visible repudiation of mass culture and commercialism. This approach is characterised by the renunciation of attempts to generate the wording of index entries algorithmically.

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As part of the worldwide revulsion against the fierce crackdown of peaceful dissidents now occurring in Cuba, the U. The public pushback about the new policy is astounding due to the fact folks were previously so apathetic about the old policy.

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