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It told me that data usage was trending up on my phone plan and I should call them. If you're looking for dollars in the answer, you have to convert to dollars somewhere along the way.

So Verizon, how about you focus on providing phones that last longer than 2 years and less on draining every last dollar from me? If they had written it down on paper and kept the units intact, they'd have seen their mistake: They don't have units.

It's just opinion anyway.

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My physics profs used to require us to carry the units all the way through the calculation, because it's a check on your final answer. My youngest daughter, didn't realize that sending cell phone pictures to her email addreess would be considered "Internet Access".

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I told her that I could solve the problem cheaper and stop the data flow entirely by virtue of my amazing parenting skills. I got it in science, not in math.

In the full-length version, it's even worse. They're billing it correctly, but they're not selling it correctly. Unless you're a Verizon supervisor.

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Verizon Math Fail Tue Jun 30, 1: In the real world, numbers are usually measurements of something, and you have to say what the something is: