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You only pass the level if you correctly seat the required number of guests, getting expert requires seating every guest correctly. In this game, we don't have to choose items for wedding. This only happens if one or none of the couple are at the arch.

Hal the Hungry man - Hal of DinerTown is a voracious eater and request 2 of each course. Completing the secondary goal earns you points towards the final score of the level, as well as earning presents for Quinn and her wedding.

Chaining is completing the same actions such as seating or the same meal type in a row, the chaining does not go higher than 5 and some sepcial requests break the entire chaining process of successful seating or meals.

Wedding Dash 4-Ever Level 4

Points are only awarded if you sit the guests according to their requests. In ceremony levels, you have to seat customers according to their requests. You can choose the difficulty. Surpassing the Expert score earns you more tokens to use towards upgrades see Upgrades for more information.

Quinn then thanks Joe for helping her out again. Each upgrade makes the machine refill faster. Once they accept their seat, you can sit the undesired guest beside them.

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A cool, sweet and beautiful mother, Chloe is liked for her beauty and motherhood. There is no need to do this every level until the end of the game.

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Requests do not chain. Some levels include pre-wedding ceremonies and conga line dances. There is no chain bonus for gifts see Chain Bonuses for more information.

The game was released on August 10,