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These accounts have been confirmed by medical staff who were in the same room, he noted.

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In popular imagination this is supposed to be an image of heaven that a person is moving towards, but medical science can not only explain how this image is created naturally, but also predict when it will occur as well as when it won't. We cease to be because our body can not function without a living mind.

Believing that one can escape death hard enough doesn't change this fact. This article was originally published on Jan. As the girl grew older she felt herself to be the older sister of her older brother and had memories of an experience where she had been ill and died.

Your body bloats, as gasses from the decomposition build up.

What Happens After You Die?

A lot of that is down to the grotesque images of eternal torture with which the religions have tried to coerce belief over the millennia. Moving slowly Diminished energy can cause a person to slow down. The further away from the inverted earth and body that I had left behind, the slower and less congested everything became, there was more space for everything, more and more until only a few balls or blobs of green or red and blue beings, whizzed by.

Within seconds, brain activity surges, then it stops. This thought brought me quickly back down to where my body was peacefully resting. What happens to your soul when you die? The breath of life departs from the body, and the soul no longer exists.

What happens when you die? The first, clinical death, lasts for four to six minutes from the moment a person stops breathing and the heart stops pumping blood.

Those responding said 64 percent of all people get to Heaven. Atheists celebrate life, but they know death is a reality.