Kim So Eun Dating Scandal Kim So Eun Dating Scandal

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Yoon Eun-hye

On the 13th of Aug Kim Jung kook honestly spoke about how he felt about Yoon Eunhye when reporters came to the set of his Star, Wind, Sunlight and Love music video.

However, the company forced Yoon to withdraw in order for Yoon to star in a company-produced drama. I want them to be together with myheart Who is the fiancee of Yoon Eun Hye?

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Almost a Love Story. Yoon Eun Hye, who frequently experiences a new love scandal just as we are about to forget her last one, is involved in a scandal with Ethan Ruan this time.

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Information related to her love affairs, boyfriend, dating life, married life, spouse and divorce is not revealed to media and public. Along with the commercial, a digital single was released, entitled "Tik Tok". Debut with Baby V.

Despite the infinite halt in the production, Yoon maintained her loyalty towards the project even when her contract with the production company had expired.

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On May 1, the goal of raising 10 million won was reached, ending this fund raising program within 2 months. Looking feminine with her wispy brown locks at the press conference, she was happy to give updates about her upcoming projects and dish out style tips.

Yoon played the lead role as the crown princess Shin Chae Kyung, which shot her to instant fame throughout Asia. The pilot episode got off a good start by topping the viewing chart among Wednesday-Thursday dramas with ratings of As Jung Woo Sung was a popular star who represented Korea's movie industry, their scandal became a hot topic.

Yoon Eun Hye is also the ambassador for another charity campaign title, "Hope Angel", a fundraising program for children suffering from incurable diseases.

One infamous incident was during her debut year, she was shot in the eye by an anti-fan who tried to make her blind with a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar using a water gun.